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40. R-Type - Irem - Arcade - 1987

The R-9, ready to put a massive hurting on the Krell.

One of the greatest shooters ever made - especially in it's original arcade form.

39. Rygar: The Legendary Adventure - Tecmo - PS2 - 2002

I love using the Diskarmor to pick up enemies and slam them into the wall!

Tecmo's fantastic sequel to the arcade and NES classics, Rygar: The Legendary Adventure is a masterpiece of gameplay, graphics and music. Sure, it may be a little short, but with all of the secrets and extras to find and unlock, you'll be coming back and playing this one for a long time to come. I know I will. ^_^

38. Gradius IV: Resurrection - Konami - Arcade - 1998

Rotating Moai attack!

I'd heard a lot of complaints about Gradius IV before I played it - but after playing it, I have to admit I can't see what they're bitching about. This is a great game! To top it all off, it was bundled with Gradius III on one disc for release here in the U.S. Fantastic.

37. Sexy Parodius - Konami - Sega Saturn - 1996

What other game do you fight a giant topless anime Medusa in?

I love this game. Wacky Japanese humor, gorgeous graphics, fantastic gameplay (of course - it's a parody of Gradius) and references to every Konami series created since the company started - what's not to love?

36. Burning Force - Namco - Sega Genesis - 1990

Hey, powerups! How come Space Harrier didn't have these?

Space Harrier with a twist, and seeing as how I love Space Harrier to begin with, you can imagine why this one ranks so high on my list. Too bad it's not very well known.

35. Super Metroid - Nintendo - SNES - 1994

What an ugly statue.

It's everything the original Metroid was - but about 10,000 times better.

34. Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Capcom - Arcade - 1988

On tonight's menu: fried vulture. Care for some?

The only game in the G'NG series that I like better than the phenomenal SNES game. The Genesis version was great, but the original arcade version is the best.

33. Salamander 2 - Konami - Arcade - 1996

I swear I saw these huge things in Bio-Hazard Battle originally...

Another Gradius side story - and a jaw-dropping one at that. Too bad it's a bit on the easy side... good thing it's incredibly fun to play.

32. Monster Party - Bandai - NES - 1989

See what happens when you use LSD?

One of my favorite NES games, this quirky little offbeat title is known for being exceedingly strange, but very fun to play.

31. The Revenge Of Shinobi - Sega - Sega Genesis - 1989

This picture was taken about two seconds before Jo annihilated these freaks with Kario magic.

One of the games that cemented my decision to buy a Genesis, and still an absolute blast to play to this day.



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