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Great games have never had to be high-tech to be high-fun.

4/15/08 - The OPCFG turned 10.

It's been two years since the site went archive-only (thanks Kurt), but every so often I still hear from people regarding the OPCFG. I'm glad that I've been able to put together something that's stood the test of time, and in some cases, inspire others to create sites of their own.

I'm glad to say that there are several sites out there continuing where the OPCFG left off - and even surpassing it in most cases. Great retrogaming sites like RVG Fanatic, racketboy and of course Hardcore Gaming 101 are still proudly carrying the retrogaming torch, and hopefully will for quite some time to come.

So now, on the site's tenth anniversary, I want to again thank everyone that's visited the site, whether you're a long-time visitor or have just discovered it, and I hope you've enjoyed your visit. Maybe you've even learned something about a game in particular that you didn't know before. If you have, then I did my job.

And for those of you hoping that some day the OPCFG might return... who knows, I might just surprise you in the future.

One last thing: if you've enjoyed the site, make sure you check out my book Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman, which I've more than once compared to the OPCFG. It's on sale now for the low price of $14.99, so order your copy today!

5/16/06 - This is the end.

As of today, the OPCFG will cease to exist in its current form. I've made my decision, and I retract the offer that I made in my last update. I am officially shutting the doors of the OPCFG. And unlike the other times I left - none of which were by choice - this time I've made the choice, and I won't be coming back.

The OPCFG has had a good run, one that's lasted a lot longer than some other websites (eight years!). It will still be here, thanks to Kurt Kalata, who has offered to archive the site on Hardcore Gaming 101. Talk about coming full circle... the OPCFG was originally hosted by Kurt as a subdirectory of the Castlevania Dungeon, and he handled all of the updates in that first couple of years. Of course, he won't have to worry about updating now.

I admit, I feel a bit melancholy about this. The OPCFG was my first website, after all, and much like when I stopped doing entries on zero signal, I feel like I'm bidding farewell to a big part of my life. But life goes on, as you all know, and I feel that it's time to say goodbye.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to announce my semi-retirement from the internet. What of my other websites? West Mansion I'm offering to anyone that is willing to take it and keep up with it. zero signal and AGFFA: I'll still keep those running, but they won't require much of my time or energy. The Third Moon I plan to stay active in, as time allows. As far as anything else I'm involved in... it's been fun, but now it's over.

I have another, even bigger reason for leaving than what I've mentioned before. There are two little girls in Georgia that need their father, and I plan to be there for them. I am willing to put aside what I like for those I love. And if anyone reading this just can't see that, then that's just too bad.

Thanks to everyone that's visited the site over the years. You have my gratitude... you made keeping this place up and running worthwhile. Thanks for all your support and contributions during the past eight years.

And special thanks to Kurt, for helping me get the OPCFG going; Mike Boyajian (wherever he is) for his excellent custom logo work; and Mike, for being my co-webmaster for the past two years. Without you guys, the OPCFG never would have come as far as it has.

Goodbye, all... and thanks.

- Rob

5/14/06 - Rob here, with a bit of news.

Yes, things have been slow. I'd be surprised if any of you are still around on any of my sites, given the almost complete lack of updates. So let me go ahead and give you all the official status on ALL of my sites.

I hate to say it, but I'm done. Kaput. My desire to work with websites at all is totally gone. I've had a good run, I can say that. But all good things do come to an end, and now it's time to concentrate on more important things...

West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage - To be blunt, things aren't looking good. Len can no longer update the site like he used to to, due to a catastrophic computer failure (and the way I hear it, there's problems with his new setup as well). That's a real shame for all of you guys, because we had a lot of new stuff that was still going to be put up when the meltdown happened. As far as he knows, his old hard drive is okay - but completely inaccessible. He may be able to resolve this issue eventually, but as of right now West Mansion's seen its last update.

The Ghoul Realm - I don't consider this to be my site anymore, but a lot of you still do. I just got done updating the site for the first time in over two years, but you may not like what you read. On the other hand, there is hope for the future of TGR. Just head over there and check out the update.

zero signal and A Galaxy Far, Far Away - Does anyone that visits the OPCFG even care about these two sites? For the two of you that do, well... zs remains in the form its been in since October of last year, and AGFFA will updated for time to time with new stories. That's about it. Luckily these two are very low maintenance and require very little of my time.

Finally, the OPCFG. What I said in the last entry I posted is still quite accurate. And frankly, in a couple of months none of this will even matter to me anymore. I'm moving on. If anyone wants to take over and help out Mike (or even just to archive the OPCFG somewhere), by all means, send me a "resume" (so to speak) that lists any experience you may have with website design, gaming, etc. and I'll review all applicants, then come to a decision. You all know the address - axelay[at]ureach[dot]com. Make sure the heading of the email reads "OPCFG Resume". The deadline for applications is June 24th.

With that, I'll see you all later - and I await your applications.

5/10/06 - "Here I come back from the dead to say... oh, holy crap!" -Strong Bad

Damn. How long has it been since I've updated this site? Four months? Seems longer than that... Mike here, tired and lazy as ever. Rob wasn't kidding when he said that I've got a lot going on these days. Hell, next year in school is going to be my very crucial senior year, so you probably aren't going to be seeing much of me then. As for things now, only a month or so is left of my junior year, and the work is bound to be rushing. I don't have as much access to the computer as I did a few months ago, and I just don't feel as much motivation to keep this site up.

That being said, I thank all contributors to this website who submit new content and wait patiently until I get off my lazy arse and put it up. Today, I thank Michael and his new import review of Mushihimesama, one of Cave's most recent shooters of MUCH intensity.

I... could say more, but Rob pretty much said it all.

2/27/06 - This is an open letter to all friends and supporters of the OPCFG.

A lot has been going through my head recently concerning the future of the OPCFG. Updates have been few and far between the last year or so, and frankly, the more time goes on the less I can think of to update the site with.

I tried announcing new import releases and games which might not make it to the U.S. in years past, but there are now so many more sites that are bigger and have the news posted in minutes, whereas it would take weeks, even months for me to post news like this. Site submissions, aside from the occasional import review (I haven't played any imports lately that I haven't already reviewed), are nonexistant these days. Most of my reviewing time is taken up by my Digital Press writing gig these days anyway.

Time. Oh yes, that's a big factor. Even though I have steady net access again, my time online is spent on doing other things... and more often than not lately I've found myself wanting to do other things, or having to, rather than spending my time online. I don't even spend much time gaming anymore.

The point of this letter is that I'm thinking of either just turning the site into an archive, or turning it over to someone that has the desire to keep up with it. My heart really is just not in it anymore. And Mike? Whereas I know he'd love to update as often as he could, he's got a lot going on these days... and I do mean a lot.

I await your comments. Please feel free to email me at with the subject heading "Future of the OPCFG", or come share your thoughts over on the forum.

Oh yeah, I updated the Wanted! section too.


1/22/06 - Rob here, announcing our first Import Review of 2006 from longtime contributor Michael. Check it out! I've also, for the first time in ages, made a few changes to the Top 100. More changes may be forthcoming soon...

1/12/06 - Rob here. You thought I was through with the special Top 100 subsections? Wrong. There's a new one up, and it's probably the most controversial one I've ever done. Check it out...

1/2/06 - Hey, people. Mike here. Yes, I know I haven't been to this site in bloody ages. I do apologize for that. Part of the reason is that my net time has been a bit more restricted as of late. But really, it's just plain neglect and laziness on my part. For that, I am quite sorry.

So I thought I'd peg in the first update for the new year. It isn't anything grandiose, just a recent sighting of Konami Man I added to the corresponding article.

* * *

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