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Thanks to Mike Boyajian and Patrick Morris for the logo!

Super Final Update: 4/15/08

Long before there was ultra-super-duper-128-bit-polygon-video-capture, hardware hype, wEiRd TyPe, pointless game ratings, E3, SCREAMING GUYS in ads, Virtual Reality, cliches like "in your face" and "it's the ultimate", 360 degree roto-scope-rhetoric from self righteous reviewers, CD-this, 3-D that, multi-million-dollar TV commercials tainted with TOILET humor...

...there was fun.

The OPCFG - dedicated to the preservation of classic forms of gaming since 1998!

This is the OPCFG, a humble website devoted to video games of all genres and systems, most of which came before the new millenium. I'm Mike, the host of the site, and ever since I was a toddler, I was playing the NES, treating it as if it were a surrogate mother. It was history from there. I've played a great bunch of games, whether I've emulated them or played the genuine article. This adds up to... a really high number. ^_^

Anyway, have fun browsing the website. I'm just picking up where Rob left off, so not all of it is mine. The Top 100 List isn't, but all of those games are very high on my own personal list... which is always changing. I can't decide on just one game to like above all the others! Have fun browsing the site, and don't be afraid to e-mail me with any submissions you have to offer.

A message from Rob, founder of The OPCFG

Welcome to the OPCFG, defender of all things 2-D in gaming, like shooters and platformers - which are both on the verge of extinction, in case anyone hasn't noticed!!! I'm your host, Rob - aka Dire 51. Feel free to email me if you want to swap links, need info on classic gaming or whatever else you might need! I can be reached on Yahoo Instant Messenger as well, under the username gradiusone.

Think your classic gaming site has what it takes to be awarded the OPCFG Award for Excellence in the Field of Classic Gaming? Click here to find out how to submit your site for review.

A little history is in order here: when Konami of America decided against releasing the Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus/Gradius Gaiden set for the U.S. PlayStation back in 1998, I got angry. I also got to thinking - why not start up a website where I can petition U.S. game companies for the release of import titles? After all, we American gamers (and sometimes European gamers too) get shafted when it comes to getting some of the great Japanese titles. The petition idea didn't quite go as well as I planned, though, so after a while I ended up turning the site into what you see now. I hope you enjoy your visit to the OPCFG, and if you have any comments about the site, please email me.

The OPCFG is the proud recipient of Flying Omelette's Golden Ridley Award of Excellence!

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The OPCFG - since April 15, 1998!

Great games have never had to be high-tech to be high-fun.

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