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The OPCFG Award for Excellence in the Field of Classic Gaming

After the OPCFG first opened its doors back in 1998, I had decided to go ahead and start giving out this award to various classic gaming sites that I thought were extremely well done and were helping to keep classic gaming alive. After a year or so, during the time that my internet access was almost nonexistant, I stopped giving out the award.

Once I got back online and started to constantly update the site, I started thinking about giving the award back out. A lot of great new classic gaming sites have popped up during the past few years, and just like the ones that I've already given the award to, I'd like to start recognizing the new sites that are keeping classic gaming alive.

With that, I have now started giving out the OPCFG Award again. A lot of times I will email the webmaster of a site stating they've won the award, but if you have a classic gaming site that you feel is worthy of the award, please email me with the URL for your site. I'll check it out, and if I find it worthy, I'll be sending an OPCFG award your way.

For a complete list of sites that have received the award, even though some of them are no longer updated, drop by the Links section and look under "OPCFG award winning sites". They're all worth checking out, so why not take a look at them?