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60. Contra Shattered Soldier - Konami - PS2 - 2002

My jaw literally dropped the first time I saw that robot chasing the train.

Konami gave us everything we should have had the first time around with a next gen Contra when they created this fantastic game - they finally picked Contra back up from the gutter it had fallen into after Appaloosa almost destroyed the series with the two lousy PSX games they created. It's definitely one of the best Contras I've ever played.

59. Castlevania Dracula X - Konami - SNES - 1995

This game is a lot better than most gamers think, imo.

This is one of the most universally hated Castlevanias - and frankly, I can't see why. It's a solid game - so what if it wasn't a port of the fantastic PC Engine game? I like it... it makes no sense to me why it's almost universally bashed.

58. Mars Matrix - Capcom/Takumi - Sega Dreamcast - 2001

The best shmup Takumi produced on the Dreamcast, bar none.

This has to be one of the best, yet hardest, shmups I've ever played. You can literally spend hours trying to save up enough money to buy all the good stuff from the shop - but those are some of the most fun hours you'll spend playing your Dreamcast, I'll tell you that.

57. Metal Slug - SNK/Nazca - Neo-Geo - 1996

The first mission to destroy Morden!

When Konami dropped the ball by licensing Contra to Appaloosa, SNK picked it up and ran with it with Metal Slug. It may look cartoony (which is part of the game's charm), but damn, can it play mean.

56. Castlevania Bloodlines - Konami - Sega Genesis - 1993

Ooooh... what pretty reflection effects Konami could pull off.

For being the one Castlevania game released for the Genesis, it sure was a good one. There were a few minor things Konami could have improved, but those are relatively minor. What a great game.

55. Metal Slug X - SNK - PSX - 2000

There's Eri in the Slug Flyer!

I never played the Neo-Geo original, but if the PSX version is any indication, it kicks ass. The ability to select from four characters (Marco and Tarma from the original and Fio and Eri, the new stars of the series) and the ability to use four vehicles (besides the original Metal Slug tank, there's also the Slugroid, Slug Flyer and the Camel Slug) elevate this above most sidescrollers and place it in a class by itself.

54. Splatterhouse 3 - Namco - Sega Genesis - 1993

Looks like Rick's been taking lessons from Billy and Jimmy Lee, don't you think?

Splatterhouse 3 took the series in a whole new direction, changing the style of gameplay from a Castlevania type of game to more of a Double Dragon type of game. The variety of moves Rick has is very impressive - chokeholds, bodyslams, headbutts and so on. Unfortunately, Splatterhouse 3 was the last game in the series. Hopefully Namco will make a new one someday...

53. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Konami - NES - 1988

Yes, those damn fishmen are back.

One of the better games in Konami's Castlevania series, Simon's Quest was a departure from what was the series' standard gameplay... but was completely enjoyable and easy to play (it was also very easy to finish, unfortunately).

52. R-Type III: The Third Lightning - Jaleco/Irem - SNES - 1994

Attack of the mutant Krell!

Without a doubt one of the finest shooters I've ever played, and one of the best on the SNES.

51. Bionic Commando - Capcom - NES - 1988

I'm on a mission to kill Hitler... sorry, Nintendo, I mean 'Master D'. *sigh*

A true classic. If only they'd stuck to the fact that the evil forces (called "The Badds" in the game) were actually the Nazis, the plot would have made more sense when it was released in the U.S.



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