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DISCLAIMER: This is my own interpretation of the Phantasy Star story. As such, dialogue has been changed, situations slightly altered and frankly, is not very long. My intent was for this story to serve as an intro to PS - if anyone finds any problems with it, please do not email me. - Rob

The End Of The Millenium


The Algol Star system,

somewhere in space...

Three planets orbit the Algol Star.

The closest planet to the star, Motavia, is a desert world.

The second planet is Palma, jewel of Algol.

Most of the systemís population dwells in Palmaís many cities.

The last planet, the one furthest from the star, is Dezoris.

Not much is known about this mysterious world of ice.

On Palma, events are starting that will have repercussions on down through the millennia.

The story begins with the death of one man,

and even the greatest of Algolís seers could not predict the outcome of the events

started by his death...