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This is just something I wrote a while back for the hell of it. It's short, it doesn't fall into the continuity of the G'NG and Gargoyle's Quest games - it doesn't even take the story of either Gargoyle's Quest game into account - and it picks up after a bad ending of Demon's Crest. So read it, let me know what you think, but don't try to go after me for continuity reasons - Rob

Firebrand's Musings

That fool Arthur... I don't care for him or his crusades. Besides, Lucifer, Loki and Sardius were fools. They didn't understand the true power that could have literally been at their very fingertips. Trying to take over the Human Realm is pointless... it symbolized a lust for power on their part. Useless power, in my opinion. Dominion over the humans. What kind of power is that? Most humans are weak... they're certainly not worth my attention. I myself lust for power, but it is a different kind. They wanted dominion over the realms... I want dominion over eternity.

Forgive me - my name is Firebrand. I'm one of the Destroyers, an elite demon force used to protect the Ghoul Realm.

At least, I used to be.

When Lucifer mounted his initiative against the Human Realm, I decided I wanted to have no part of this invasion. I was cast out of the Destroyers... which was a good thing, as so many of my comrades met their deaths at the hands of Arthur. I'm confident of my own power, but it is possible that he would have found a way to defeat me.

I spent the next few years wandering the Ghoul Realm. During that time, I watched Loki and Sardius come to power, and then be destroyed by Arthur. After the destruction of Sardius, the Ghoul Realm fell into chaos.

It was during this time that I learned of the Demon's Crest, an ancient crest of magical runes that, when gathered together, would give whoever had them unlimited power over the universe. I took it upon myself to find these long lost crests and gather them... when I did, the power would be mine.

Slowly I tracked all of the runes down. The next-to-last one that I needed was being held by the Demon Dragon. I challenged him, and we fought. I utterly defeated him. I left his body to rot, and took off in search of the last rune.

What I didn't know was the demon that possessed the last rune, Phalanx, had heard about my quest for the runes and come searching for me. He ambushed me and took the runes, then sent me to the coliseum.

He had revived the Demon Dragon! His zombified corpse stalked me through the coliseum, but even in death, I was a better warrior then him. I destroyed his body, and then flew off in search of Phalanx... to get back my runes and kill him.

Phalanx thought me dead, until he heard I had escaped the coliseum. He sent his most trusted general, Arma, to kill me.

Arma was a brave warrior, but he was still no match for me. I defeated him, but he escaped before I was able to deliver the killing blow. He vowed vengeance on me...

I traveled through the Ghoul Realm, gathering information on Phalanx... but I needed more. I needed power.

Phalanx had entrusted the runes to his most faithful servants. I traveled to each of their lairs, and regained my runes, one by one. I gained many powers by unlocking the different secrets of the runes... and finally, when I had them all back, it was time for me to confront Phalanx, get the last rune... and rule over all of eternity.

In Phalanx's castle, I once again encountered Arma. He came back, stronger than before - but once again, I defeated him. This time he did not escape me.

I fed on Arma's heart that day... and then I went for Phalanx.

Phalanx had fully unlocked the secret of the last rune! Dark power overtook his body... I could feel it happening, and it drew me to him like a magnet.

In his chamber, we clashed. He had the power of the final rune, but I had the combined power of the rest of the runes. Still, as the rune that he had was the most powerful of all, he was able to almost obliterate me...

but I survived.

I killed Phalanx and took the final rune. I alone now had infinite power over eternity!

Little did I know that Phalanx had cast a spell before he died that sealed his soul inside the final rune... he was now a part of it. Because of him, I could not unlock the power of the final rune completely.

I now am about to set off on a quest to eliminate Phalanx's soul from the rune... and gain the full power which is rightfully mine...

Then I shall have dominion over eternity... forever.