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My Ten Least Favorite Games

This isn't a list of the ten worst games ever, nor is it an attempt to create a list of terrible games like the ones on These are the games that have personally earned my scorn for one reason or another. I've played all of these throughout the years (I've even owned some of them), and I felt it was time that they were recognized on the OPCFG for being the pieces of garbage that they are.

10. Blaster Master 2 - Sunsoft/Software Creations - Sega Genesis - 1993

Worst Blaster Master ever.

Had this been an all new game, it may have actually been decent, but no, it was a sequel to Blaster Master, one of the best NES games of all time. This really doesn't compare with any other Blaster Master game... the average graphics, terrible music and slightly wonky controls leave this one on the scrap pile.

09. Tax Avoiders - American Videogames - Atari 2600 - 1982

A game written by an actual IRS agent. That's the last thing we need.

I don't get this game at all. I've taken the time to play it over the years, and it still doesn't make sense. Avoid the Evil Tax Man (TM) and collect... things that will randomly increase your cash or decrease your cash, or stop it from moving completely. On top of that, sub-par gameplay and terrible graphics (keep in mind, I'm comparing it to other 2600 games) made it even worse than a lot of the games that were coming out at the time... in fact, it was games like this that helped cause the Great Crash of '84.

08. Trevor McFur In The Crescent Galaxy - Atari/Flare2 - Atari Jaguar - 1993

Cats flying starfighters. Sure - and I'm the king of Vinnland.

What was Atari thinking? Let's make a shooter that has cats flying spaceships and has digitized pictures of cat heads on human bodies? Great job. On top of that, for a supposed 64-bit machine, the graphics were lackluster, the music was almost non-existent, and the gameplay was downright dismal. Even if you're a shmup fan, avoid this game.

07. Back To The Future - LJN - NES - 1989

It seems that everyone in 1955 knows Marty is from the future and about to cause a paradox, so they have to kill him.

Back To The Future was a perfect example of how not to do a movie-based game. The game itself played like a really bad Paperboy ripoff, with some terrible minigames thrown in. At least it followed the plot of the movie somewhat...

06. Back To The Future II & III - LJN/Beam Software - NES - 1990

It's Super Marty McFly!

As if the original Back To The Future wasn't bad enough, a year later we got Back To The Future II & III, which was even worse. Instead of playing like a bad Paperboy ripoff, this one played like a bad Super Mario Bros. ripoff, with minigames that - besides the fact that they wouldn't have looked out of place on the 2600 - were completely ridiculous and shouldn't have been included in the game in the first place, as they detracted from the overall game, imo. *sigh*

05. Journey From Darkness: Strider Returns - U.S. Gold/Tiertex/Capcom - Sega Genesis - 1992

This game is a spectacular crapfest.

Why Capcom decided to go ahead and license out Strider to U.S. Gold and Tiertex is beyond me. What makes even less sense was that Capcom actually let this game get out... and the fact that U.S. Gold called it Strider II in some places just added insult to injury. Talk about your substandard games... terrible graphics, horrible music, laughable sound effects and below average control made every Strider fan cringe... especially compared to the fantastic port of the original arcade game that the Genesis receieved just a year or two earlier.

04. C: The Contra Adventure - Konami/Appaloosa - PSX - 1998

Don't let this picture fool you - it doesn't stay as a sidescroller for long.

Appaloosa will forever be remembered as the company that almost destroyed Contra. The second game they produced, C: The Contra Adventure, was better than the first one that they did, but after a promising 2.5-D first level, the game was bogged down in ridiculous 3-D stages with laughable voice clips ("WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!? WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!?"), horrible control and absolutely horrible graphics. Thank god Konami finally took control of the series back.

03. The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle - THQ - NES - 1992

Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

I only recently encountered this "game", and boy am I sorry I did. I understand that THQ was trying to go for the look of the original '60s cartoon, but I don't recall it looking this bad. On top of that, the music is terrible, the controls are totally unresponsive, and it's just plain boring. Avoid this one like the plague... seriously. The only NES game I can think of that was worse than this is the one coming up next...

02. Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure: Chaos At The Carnival - Hi Tech Expressions/Mind's Eye Technology Ltd. - NES - 1990

Jim Henson must be spinning in his grave.

Could this be what really caused Jim Henson's death? This horrible piece of crap that starred his most loved creations, the Muppets, came out the same year that he died. It wouldn't surprise me if it did drive him into his grave - horrible, repetitive graphics, almost uncontrollable characters, and a boredom factor so high that it would put the most hyperactive child to sleep within minutes are all part of the "fun". I actually made my younger brother take this back to the video store when he rented it (actually, he didn't need much prodding, as he hated the game almost as much as I did).

01. Contra: Legacy Of War - Konami/Appaloosa - PSX - 1996

The biggest insult to the Contra name ever created.

This is it. This is the game that almost singlehandedly destroyed the Contra franchise, and proved that some games just weren't meant to exist in 3-D. Appaloosa's train wreck of a Contra title caused the series to practically drop off the map for several years (how did they talk Konami into letting them do another Contra, anyway?). The game is almost universally hated, and with good reason - absolutely horrible graphics, some of the worst controls ever, uninspired character design, and laughable dialogue ("YOU WILL BE AB-SOR-BED INTO MY BRAIN AND YOU WILL SINK MY SOUGHTS!") made this game the pariah that it is. Avoid it at all costs.

That's that. Sure, there's plenty of other games I could list, but those are the ten that annoy me the most.