It was the era of the original Star Wars trilogy, the first two Indiana Jones movies, and all of the cartoons that came to define children's programming of the era: The Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., and Voltron, to name a few—not to mention all of the assorted toys, books, trading cards and more that went with them. And of course,

there were video games.

Meet Author Rob Strangman

A natural storyteller, Rob has been fascinated with video games throughout his life. Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman is more than the story of one man's youth, however. Through Rob's stories, the stories of his contributors, and Rob's interviews with industry insiders, Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman recaptures some of the magic of the early years of video games. From the thrill of finding a new game at the local video arcade, to fights over who got to be player 2, Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman delivers a poignant look at what growing up during the "golden age" of videogames was like.

-Excerpt from Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman