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Review Submission Guidelines

If you'd like to submit a review, all I ask is that you follow these simple guidelines. If you submitted a review and you didn't follow them, expect it to be kicked back to you with comments. If you need to know what games need to be reviewed, just check the individual sections for each console. Any title that isn't a link has yet to be reviewed.

1. If you can't string together a coherent sentence, don't even bother submitting a review. Seriously. It'll be sent back to you immediately. For example, if I receive a review that reads "I like donkey kong so you should buy DONKEY KONG CLASSICS its great and classic", I'm liable to just delete the email, never mind sending it back to you. Look at the reviews posted here to get an idea of what I'm looking for.

Minor spelling and grammar errors aren't a problem, of course, but I'm not here to completely proofread your reviews before posting them. So if you would, please try to make sure that there aren't any major flubs. Remember: spellcheck is your friend.

2. When writing a compilation review, it isn't necessary to write detailed reviews of every single game on the cart/disc. Brief writeups are fine, and of course if there's a problem with the emulation of any of the games (lag, slowdown, missing characters, missing background layers, noticeable frame cuts, etc.), definitely make a note of that. But detailed reviews aren't necessary. Most of the games on these comps are classic arcade and console titles, and there are dozens of websites out there that do offer detailed reviews of each individual game. A Google search will bring them right up.

3. Include the following in your reviews: who released the game, what platform it's on, what year it was released, what media it's on (cartridge/CD/DVD), status (out of print/available now), how many players can play and whether or not two, three or four player games are simultaneous or alternating. Most importantly, include your name or the name you want to be credited by. You do want credit for your review, right?

4. When reviewing a compilation, a list of the games on it must be included with the review. I don't plan to do a load of research just to find out what's on it. That's your job.

5. The following factors must be addressed when reviewing compilations:

Worth the purchase. That one's pretty simple. For example, is this comp worth spending $50 on, or should you wait for it to go on clearance?

Diversity. Is there a great selection of games on the disc, or are there only two or three? If it's a comp devoted to a particular series (Gradius or R-Type, for example), were enough games from the series included to justify spending your money on it, or did the company that released it drop the ball and only include two titles when they could have included more?

Playability. Is there a major crapup with the controls? How do they stack up to their original versions? Understandably, most of us won't have the original arcade cabs to compare the games to in the case of arcade titles, but do they feel right to you?

Hidden gems, aka "The Bosconian factor". Did you discover a game on this compilation that you ended up playing more than any other game on the disc, even the ones that you bought the game for? Let us know! Of course, if there aren't any, there aren't any. Just make a note of that in the review.

Scores are not necessary to include (rating from 1 to 10 for each category and the like) and will be omitted from the published review if included. Also, if you're writing a review for an online sequel or remake, the diversity and hidden gem factors obviously don't apply.

6. It's not necessary to include screenshots when you send me your reviews, but if you want to, go right ahead. That means less work for me, and may mean your review gets posted quicker.

7. At the moment, I'm not accepting reviews for Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network games, despite the listings posted to the left. I will be once I've worked out the criteria for those reviews. Once I'm ready, I'll post the news in the What's New section. Online sequels, on the other hand, are fair game. However, since those are just single games, I expect full reviews covering all of the important aspects of them, as well as what services they're available for.

Finally, remember this: this is strictly a part-time thing for me, and I don't expect it to be anything other than part-time for you. Submit as many or as few reviews as you want, but don't feel that you have to shove reviews into my inbox on a regular basis. However, since it is a part-time thing for me, don't be surprised if time passes before your reviews are posted. I have a life: I have West Mansion to update, The Chronicles of the Raven to work on and my job to go to, so it's not like I'm sitting by my inbox waiting for new submissions.

That's it. I'm looking forward to your reviews!